K-RITH and Africa Centre have joined to form a new interdisciplinary institute, called the Africa Health Research Institute. Click here to read more.



K-RITH is committed to creating educational opportunities that will enhance medical and scientific research in South Africa and the rest of the African continent, with a particular emphasis on addressing the scientific challenges posed by the tuberculosis and HIV co-epidemic.

K-RITH has developed a pipeline through which students at various stages of their careers can be involved in HIV/TB research and advance towards greater and more independent involvement. In addition to its exciting and cutting-edge Masters and PhD opportunities, K-RITH also provides a supportive and opportunity-filled environment for postdoctoral researchers with the ultimate aim of aiding each to reach the next step in their careers as they work with the K-RITH investigators.

K-RITH also offers sponsored lectures, workshops, and symposia supported by cross-Atlantic partnerships for the benefit of students and established researchers alike.

Internship opportunities are available at points throughout the year.

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