K-RITH and Africa Centre have joined to form a new interdisciplinary institute, called the Africa Health Research Institute. Click here to read more.



Mobile phone-connected HIV tests, which link to online prevention and medical care, are being developed by a team involving Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI) researchers for use in South African communities hardest hit by HIV. The new £600 000 (R10,5-million) m-Africa collaboration, for which funding was announced recently by the UK Medical Research Council (MRC), aims


The Africa Health Research Institute’s Frederick Balagaddé and his team have recently filed two new patents relating to microfluidic device automation and screening for efflux pump displacers. Balagaddé heads up the AHRI Bioengineering Laboratory, which is host to the first microfluidic chip-making foundry in Africa. Our scientists are working to develop high throughput research platforms


The Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI) has published its updated analytical datasets for 2016. The datasets cover socio-economic, education and employment information for individuals and households in AHRI’s population research area in rural northern KwaZulu-Natal. The datasets also include details on the migration patterns of the individuals and households who migrated into and out of


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